General Rules and Regulations:

All Canskate participants must wear a CSA approved   helmet (hockey helmet).

Children must be dressed appropriately for their skating class.  Gloves and warm layered clothing, not too baggy.  No scarves or jeans.

Hair needs to be pulled back in a ponytail and off the face.  This is very important for the child to see what the coach is teaching and for safety reasons.

No gum, candy or food is allowed on the ice.

Permission must be attained before leaving the ice for any reason.  this is a safety factor for the skater.

Parents please note the Executive, coaches or the caretakers of the arena are not responsible to supervise your children.

Unruly behavior or verbal abuse of the coach, executive or the caretakers of the arena will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken.

The Grovedale Figure Skating Club will not be held responsible for any lessons missed due to inclement weather or any other form of unforeseen circumstances (power outages) that happen beyond the clubs control.  The cost of the lesson will not be refunded for that day.

If busses are not running (due to weather conditions) Canskate will not be running.